Yahoo Slideshow Shows Why Editors are Important

Blacks are "Looters" and White are "Finders"

Well, at least that is what you'd think if you read the captions on the Yahoo Slideshow. I have no idea who wrote these captions but I suspect it was the photo agencies. Yahoo, just carelessly ran them as-is. The six "looter pics" and the one "finder" pic were screen captured by me at 11:30 PST on August 30th after reading the MetaFilter post on this topic and after seeing the 3 images posted by I found three more -- seven if you include one duplicate put on the site twice. The theme is simple, if you're a poor black in New Orleans you are a looter. If you are white you are a finder. Pathetic. And what we see here hardly constitutes looting in any real sense. These are people trying to get some food to keep from starving to death.

Aug. 31, 2005



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