CURRENT MEET UP Ė Train Museum in Sacramento with John C. Dvorak

There will be a meet up on Sat. 12 August at the California State Train Museum in Sacramento.

This train museum is one of the greatest museums in the world. Iíll be taking the California Zephyr which arrives in Sacto around 11. Tickets are available for this ride at the Amtrak ticketing service here. The train station in Sacramento is about a block away from the museum. If you take the train youíll probably find me in the mid-train observation car.

The meetup is officially from 12-3 but concentrates everyone at the Fat City Bar at 2PM in a meet and greet.

The train museum has a 45-minute train ride along the Sacramento river at the top of every hour beginning at 11 and ending at 4. We have reservations on the 1:00 ride in a car garnered by Knight Sir Patrick Coble. This means some free rides to anyone getting hold of Coble or myself at the museum. First come first served. The ride is reasonable and details are available here.

The train station is a one block walk to the Museum. Itís about four blocks into Sacramento Old town to Fat City at 1001 Front Street. There is a lot of sights in Old town and the museum itself is very entertaining.


Donation etiquette

A lot of people like to donate to the show at these meetings and there is an etiquette for contributions. They should be placed in an envelope with a note which includes your name and any sort of message you may want read on the show (which is the next day).Do not come to this event without saying hi.

Family attending includes Mimi, Buzzkill jr, his wife and baby Theodore!

Things to do in Sacramento.

There is plenty to do in Sacramento if you are staying for more than the Train Museum. Trip Advisor has a few ideas here. Since Sacto is the State Capitol, the restaurants there are generally good.